Proof of Delivery

In this day and age of eCommerce and online shopping, products will need to move from warehouse to hub, and hub onto the last mile delivery at faster speeds and greater efficiency. Whilst this can be achieved with deploying more transporters and deploying innovative methods in managing stock, data and tracking across the entire distribution process is crucial to ensure that the right product is carried by the right person on the right carrier to the right customer at the right time.

RES provides the Proof of Delivery solution that will integrate to your existing ERP solution, and automates the planning & scheduling of delivery trucks (be it internal or 3rd party) with the following features:

  • Route Master
  • Driver Master
  • Truck Master
  • Consignee/Customer Master
  • Delivery Planning
  • Delivery Manifest Printing

Mobile Features:

  • Truck Loading based on Delivery Notes
  • Load Manifest Summary
  • Consignee/Customer Selection
  • Journey Plan
  • Delivery Details
  • Consignment Scanning
  • Proof of Delivery Signature
  • GPS Location Tagging

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