Auto Part System

In the highly competitive and cost-sensitive automotive sector, our solutions currently help leading automotive companies in multiple countries across the region improve efficiency, reduce costs and gain real-time visibility over the entire supply chain - both in production and after-market sectors.

In addressing the abovementioned market challenges, Auto Part System (APS) aims to improve the automation of managing and tracking parts for the automotive industry. All execution processes encompasses from Parts Receiving, Binning process, Picking, Packing and Delivery verification with gate passes for transportation check point are easily accesible online with seamless integration to any back-end Inventory Management System (IMS) with minimal configuration.

As an extention of the execution system to the IMS, APS is designed with best practice in Automotive Parts Industry with incorporating 1D or 2D barcode technology coupled with state of the art mobility. APS is suitable for contract manufacturers and warehouse distribution centres for parts.

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