Custom Data Capture Solutions

At RES, we recognize that every organization’s processes are different and unique. As such, very often, off-the-shelf solutions simply do not adequately address the needs of an organization.

Our engagement with you typically starts with our system consultants conducting a detailed system requirements study. Leveraging on RES’ 20+ years of industry expertise, you can be assured that our methodologies are grounded on industry best practices.

Our team of dedicated software engineers and developers will design and build complete data capture systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.

Leveraging on the latest Microsoft .Net technologies, the custom solutions team is able to offer cost-effective custom data capture solution development services. Coupled with our best-in-breed data capture hardware, RES delivers complete tailor-made custom data capture solutions for your organization. 

RES offers Custom Data Capture Solutions for the following industries:

• Work in Progress
• Quality control
• Track & trace
• Middleware solutions to ERP systems

Transportation & Logistics
• Delivery tracking / confirmation

• Point of Sales

• Logistics & supply chain management (WMS)
• Middleware solutions to ERP systems

Wholesale Distribution
• Delivery tracking
• Sales order entry
• Inventory management


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
• Asset tracking
• Inventory management

• Asset tracking
• Card printing/ ID / Security

• ID Tagging / security
• Asset tracking

Food & Beverage
• Stock count
• Sales order entry/ Sales force automation