Label Design

Our Label Design Software helps you easily and quickly create custom labels with 1D or 2D barcodes and graphics.  Use it as a standalone application or integrate them with your existing systems to generate your packaging or shipping labels automatically.

Bartender Software

Seagull Scientific is known around the world for BarTender, its leading label design and barcode software. Their Windows program supports both laser and thermal printers and with its easy to use programmes you can start designing professional quality labels in minutes.

Available internationally in over 20 languages, Bartender gives you:

  • Exceptional Font Control: Access a remarkably wide selection of Windows and printer fonts. Mix different text styles in a paragraph and connect them to different database fields.
  • Advanced, Customizable Serialization: Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced, totally custom sequences.
  • Compliance Labels and Ready-to-Print Formats: Taking into account numerous label standards BarTender is the most full-featured compliance-labeling tool available. Whether you use the ready-to-print formats or design labels from scratch, you get the power and flexibility to satisfy thousands of compliance label standards.

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NiceLabel Software

NiceLabel is a family of professional labelling software products that provides for a complete barcode and RFID label design and printing solution to desktop, enterprise and mobile users.

NiceLabel has been providing efficient and innovative label printing solutions to users in retail, logistics, chemical, automotive and other industries for years. Today, NiceLabel is the most advanced labelling software available and is the logical choice to meet any label design and printing requirement - with or without operator intervention.

NiceLabel offers you:

  1. Multi-lingual printing
  2. Wealth of advanced label design options and powerful tools
  3. Fully compliant to all bar code, RFID, database and graphics standards
  4. Rich data retrieving and processing features
  5. Unicode supported multilingual printing
  6. Support for all Windows printers, plus high performance thermal label printing
  7. Unmatched range of integration and connectivity features
  8. Wide set of modules and editions available for desktop, enterprise and mobile labelling 

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