Barcode Printers

A barcode printer is a computer peripheral for printing barcode labels or tags.Barcode printers are different from ordinary printers because they need to have special feed mechanisms to handle rolled media, or tear sheet (fanfold) media and are designed to handle longer continuous printing jobs without overheating the printing mechanism.

The most common barcode printers employ one of two different printing technologies. Direct thermal printers use a printhead to generate heat that causes a chemical reaction in specially designed paper that turns the paper black. Thermal transfer printers also use heat, but instead of reacting with chemical on the paper, the heat melts a waxy or resin ink on a ribbon that runs over the paper, label or tag. The heat transfers the ink from the ribbon to the paper.

Barcode printers are designed for a wide variety of applications, including supply chain management, retail price marking, packaging labels, blood and laboratory specimen marking, and fixed assets management.

Industrial barcode printers are used in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They have large media capacities, operate faster and have a longer service life. For retail and office environments, desktop barcode printers are most common. Even mobile printers are available for field workers who require mobile printing for business on the go.