Mobile Computers

Also commonly referred to as handheld computers, our range of mobile computers is designed for extensive and robust usage across the enterprise as a mobile data capture device.

Over the years, business demands have necessitated the need to capture more data, more frequently and very often, in locations away from the office desk.  This has led the evolution of data capture devices from the simple wired barcode readerto high-powered mobile computers that incorporate other expanding business technologies within the areas of WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks), 3G Wireless Communications, biometrics, imaging, magnetic stripe, Smart Cardand RFIDdata capture technologies.

These devices are used in many types of business: Warehouse management, Inventory control and Field Services to mentions a few, as they are designed to withstand all-day everyday use in harsh or hazardous environments.

The capability includes allowing business applications to combine a portable device with their data collection requirements and available on a variety of different OS Platforms i.e. WindowsCE, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.

Available in a number of form factors, for example Handheld or Wearable, the features can be further extended to include figure barcode scanners, RFID panel antennas, Swipe card readers, External Battery Packs and Printer carrying cases.