How accurate and efficiently data is collected affects many aspects of a business - from inventory management to customer service - and ultimately the bottom line.

With the advances in today's technology, human error in data collection can be reduced dramatically. With more accurate data you can optimize business processes making them more efficient and precise. 

Hardware Support

When equipment in your organization cannot be used productively, it cannot contribute to profit. If the reason it is not operating is because it has failed, then not only is it not contributing profit, it also imposes added equipment repair costs on the business.

RES’ technical division of certified engineers are able to fully and accurately repair and maintain all your data capture equipment to ensure that they are in serviceable condition at all times.

Hardware Support is categorised into Ad-Hoc Repair and Extended Warranty / Maintenance Contract.

Ad-Hoc Repair- Failure is sometimes inevitable. Our fully-certified team of engineers and technicians are able to repair most brand of data capture equipment and return them to serviceable condition. RES keeps a ready stock of common spare parts and supplies for quick turnaround times.

Extended Warranty / Maintenance Contracts- Ensures that any costs of repair will be covered for the period of the extended warranty. This eliminates your risk of spiralling repair costs due to repeated failures of the same device. 

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Software Support

Whether it is an off-the-shelf solution or a data collection system designed and tailored to fit your organization’s needs, our solution delivery team is able to offer you a software support plan that fits your business needs and can be delivered within your budget.


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